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The Flavorful Goodness of THCP Gummies; Hot Selling Flavors of 2023

thcp gummies
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With more scientific discoveries and potential benefits of the Cannabinoids, the curiosity invigorated scientists and botanists to explore more and more from this family. THCP emerged as a newly found member of the cannabinoid family, but this gem soon became the talk of the town, for its potential was way more potent than THC. People began utilizing THCP in edibles to maximize its effects like THCP Gummies.


CBD Gummies are a common, flavorful way of the consumption of CBD products if you are not into smoking or vaping. The THCP gummies sold like hotcakes this year. Different flavors are suited to different taste profiles and personalities! From fruity goodness to sassy, tangy flavors, THCP gummies emerged as the clear winner. According to surveys, users believing in the potential benefits of CBD marvels were more inclined towards the convenience and hassle-free consumption of THC gummies, THCP gummies, and other hemp gummies.

The potency of THCP Gummies:

THCP, or Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is known for its higher psychoactive effects and more incredible euphoric feel. THCP Gummies are the sweet treats from nature and science fusion, giving you the high Cannabinoid life feels! The THCP Gummies are usually in low dosages of 1 – 3 mg. Still, surprisingly, even at this low dosage, the THCP gummies are reported to have a similar potency feeling to that of THC gummies at a higher potency.

Hot Selling THCP Gummy Flavors:

The Farm Bill paved the way for countless innovations in cannabinoids and the culinary world. After the introduction of THCP Gummies, the thirst for the flavors began, and every manufacturer came up with the best and most unique flavor profile! The flavors of THCP gummies and their potency primarily depend on the quality of raw materials like THCP used to infuse them.

iFeelz leads the path with indoor-grown organic premium-quality raw material. Adding subtle flavors can result in a blast of exotic journey that is a treat for your taste buds, mind, and soul! THCP Gummies are a win-win situation for all!


Here are the Top 10 most bought flavors of THCP gummies by iFeelz in 2023:

1. The Orchard’s Fusion; Apple Flavor:

Bursting with fruity goodness, the apple flavor was a delight everyone enjoyed in 2023. The applicious blissful flavor and the goodness of THCP gummies seemed to win hearts left and right! If you want to try the refreshing taste, go with iFeelz!

2. The Berrylicious; Blueberry Flavor:

The juicy yumminess balanced with the tartness is a match made in heaven! This sweet treat of THCP Gummies was a winner, as the customers couldn’t get enough of it and kept coming back for more! The exquisite jammy flavor adds to the experience of THCP gummies!

3. Stay Calm; Mint Cool Flavor:

If you are not a fan of the fruity, sweet flavors, try the refreshing feel and taste of icy, cool Mint Cool flavor! The Mint Cool flavor THCP Gummies was a clear winner in 2023 with its unique flavor. Minty freshness added to the refreshing benefits of THCP.

4. The Sweetly; Spun Cotton Candy Flavor:

The sugary cloud always gave us a whimsical fantasy feeling when we were kids! The indulgence of this confectionary fairy-floss-like flavor in THCP Gummies was nothing less than a dream! Making you feel as light as air like cotton candy, the cotton candy gummies were a treat of nostalgic flavor and peace!

5. The Heavenly Indulgence; Gelato Flavor:

Making its way smoothly into our Top Ten THCP Gummies flavors is your favorite Gelato! The decadent richness of the luscious Gelato flavor is a divine delicacy! The satisfying, elegant taste is a symphony of peace and tranquility for cannabinoid lovers! The Gelato flavor THCP gummies broke records this year with customers’ love!

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6. The Exotic Frenzy; Jungle Juice Flavor:

The fusion of the exhilarating punch of exotic flavors from nature’s garden made the zesty and bold Jungle Juice flavor THCP Gummies. As adventurous and exhilarating as it sounds, this flavor was a massive hit in 2023, and the bold and lively punch gave the high they were seeking from THCP gummies. Try this flavor available at iFeelz and experience the goodness yourself!

7. The Tropical Marvel; Mango Flavor:

As the THCP gummies went on to take control of the cannabinoid edibles industry, one flavor typically was a part of every purchase, and it was none other than the divine oasis of Mango Flavor. The simplicity yet the irresistible, succulent, and fragrant flavor got the customers hooked to it!

8. The Nectarous Nirvana, Peach Flavor

The juicy peach jubilee was all one could ask for with its aromatic, mellow, mouth-watering flavor! Peach THCP gummy sold like hotcakes! The rich, sweet tropical flavors with the exquisite goodness of THCP were the perfect match.

9. The Sweet Berry Temptation; Strawberry Flavor:

The fruity, irresistible goodness of strawberries and the delightful aroma indulging in heavenly peace and tranquility was a sure-shot recipe to success! This flavor exhibited perfection and finesse, and the consumers of THCP gummies in 2023 agree with us! The Strawberry flavored THCP gummies were one of the best sellers at iFeelz!

10. The Refreshing Splashing Melody; Watermelon Flavor:

Wrapping up our favorite flavors with vibrant and cool watermelon flavor! Watermelon-flavored THCP gummies are fun and have the customers yearning for more! The zesty flavor is promising for a hydrating and refreshing feel!

Beat the blues and get in zen with the exotic flavors of THCP Gummies at iFeelz! Try your favorites at iFeelz and join the satisfied, calm customers’ clan!

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