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Pre Rolls

Pre Rolls

Our pre-rolls are made with high-quality, organic, indoor-grown CBD hemp flowers. So you may immediately feel the benefits of full-spectrum CBD. We use only the finest, hand-trimmed indoor CBD flower buds to provide the best possible impact and smoking experience every time. To ensure that you always experience the full flavor of our premium hemp. We carefully wrap each CBD joint in organic hemp paper and seal it with a hermetic seal. We never use cheap, trimmed, or shaken flowers, so you know you get the best quality possible.

Our Premium Selection

Caviar Pre Roll

Those who like the finest things in life will find the Caviar Pre Roll an excellent option. This expertly rolled pre-roll provides a luxurious way to enjoy CBD.

Aroma Funk Pre Roll – Indoor

Get a taste of the funk and flavor of an indoor pre-roll made by hand. The aromas of the Aroma Funk Pre Roll will take you on a trip.

CBD Diesel Pre Roll – Indoor

CBD Diesel Pre Roll provides a new and stimulating sensation. This pre-roll is made from the finest grade indoor CBD flower buds and has a unique taste and effect.

CBD Silver Pre Roll – Indoor

Our CBD Silver Pre Roll meets the high expectations the silver standard sets. Made from the finest indoor CBD flowers. It is relaxing and energizing.

Colorado Kush Pre Roll – Indoor

The majestic Rocky Mountains inspires the flavor of our Colorado Kush Pre Roll. Expertly crafted, it combines the healing properties of CBD with the spirit of the mountains.

Indoor Pre 98 Bubba Kush Pre Roll

The Pre 98 Bubba Kush strain has stood the test of time in the cannabis industry. The finest of this popular strain is captured in our indoor pre-roll.

Indoor Sunset Sherbert Pre-Roll

With our Indoor Sunset Sherbert Pre Roll, you can bring the glow and color of a sunset inside. Carefully craft to provide an unforgettable experience.

LA Crema CBG Pre Roll – Indoor

The LA Crema CBG Pre Roll is a great option for individuals curious about cannabinoids who want to branch out from CBD. The unique and interesting high that this strain promises is real.

Delta 8 Blue Dream Pre Roll

When it comes to cannabinoids, delta 8 is the cutting edge. The Delta 8 Blue Dream Pre Roll is a novel take on the iconic Blue Dream flavor and scent.

Delta 8 Gelato Pre Roll

The Gelato strain win praises for its sweet, delicious taste. Our Delta 8 Gelato Pre Roll is a creative take on the classic that incorporates the exciting new THC strain known as Delta 8.

Delta 8 Mango Dosi Pre Roll

The Delta 8 Mango Dosi Pre Roll is an exotic treat that will take you on a wonderful journey through cannabinoids.

Skywalker OG Delta 8 Pre-Roll

Skywalker OG Delta 8 Pre Roll is the next level of hemp enjoyment. This pre-roll is a must-try due to its strong scent and relaxing benefits.

Biscotti THCP Pre Roll

Rare and powerful, THCP is one of the cannabinoids. The distinctive quality of THCP is perfect complement by the expertly rolled nature of our Biscotti THCP Pre Rolls.

Lava Cake THCP Pre-Roll

If you want something luxurious, try the Lava Cake THCP Pre Roll. It’s an enjoyable sensory experience.

Peanut Butter Breath THCP Pre-Roll

Use the Peanut Butter Breath THCP Pre Roll to relax and calm your thoughts. Its enhanced THCP concentration and distinctive taste make for a one-of-a-kind sensation.

London Pound Cake THCP Pre-Roll

This London Pound Cake THCP Pre Roll is an ode to all the delicious possibilities of THCP. It’s a great option for folks who want to experience a wide range of flavors.

Why iFeelz CBD Pre-Rolls Excel

We value quality and workmanship highly at iFeelz. There are several reasons why our CBD Pre-Rolls selection stands out:

Premium Indoor-Grown CBD

We only use the finest organic CBD hemp flower cultivate indoors. By doing so, we can guarantee that only the highest quality ingredients go into every pre-roll.

Hand-Trimmed Buds

Even the flower buds are trimmed by hand since we’re concerned about quality. Each pre-roll is inspected by hand to ensure it consistently looks and tastes great.

Immediate Experience

CBD pre-rolls are a quick and easy method to enjoy full-spectrum CBD’s benefits. They are carefully craft to ensure you get all the advantages of high-quality hemp with no effort.

Hermetically Sealed for Freshness

You can rest assured that every CBD pre-roll is rolled in organic hemp paper and hermetically seal to maintain freshness. It gives you a taste of premium hemp in its purest form.

Never Compromising on Quality

When making our pre-rolls, we always utilize the highest quality flowers available. If you want a premium CBD experience, go no further than iFeelz.

iFeelz: Your Trusted Partner in Quality and Well-Being

iFeelz dedicates to more than simply selling products; we want to be a true partner in your pursuit of health and happiness. The quality and care you get from us should shine through in your CBD experience. We’re serious about providing you with items that change the game, and our CBD Pre-Rolls are proof positive.


Pre-rolls are ready-made cannabis joints for a convenient smoking experience.

Quality varies; some brands use top-notch cannabis, while others may not. It’s wise to choose reputable brands for better quality.

Absolutely, iFeelz offers pre-rolls in different varieties to meet your demand.

Pre-roll usually contains around 0.5-1 gram of cannabis, but the amount can differ.

Many brands have lab-tested pre-rolls for safety. Look for these for peace of mind.

You can find pre-rolls with varying THC levels to suit your preference.

Store pre rolls in a cool, dry place to keep them fresh. A sealed container works well.

Yes, pre-rolls are often enjoy in social settings, making them great for sharing with friends.