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Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil

We at iFeelz are proud to provide only the highest quality CBD and hemp products. Hempseed Oil is a fantastic category that will open your eyes to the splendor of nature.

About Hempseed Oil

Oil extracted from hemp seeds is a nutritious and valuable supplement to anyone’s diet. This versatile vegetable oil is cold-pressed from fully-grown industrial hemp plants. This oil may be used instead of olive oil in cooking and as a raw ingredient in dressings, much like other common culinary oils like sunflower and rapeseed oil.

Hempseed oil is superior to other cooking oils because it contains cannabidiol (CBD), vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. CBD, a chemical molecule, has risen in popularity because of the promise it holds for medicinal use, including the treatment of epilepsy and anxiety. This oil contains a nutty flavor that reflects in the oil’s color, which ranges from dark emerald green to a transparent light green. Although refined hemp seed oil is colorless and has almost no discernible odor, it may not have the same positive effects on skin health as its less processed competitors.

Product Variety

Look through iFeelz’s Hempseed Oil selection, including the following products:

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Accept the complete advantages of a full-spectrum hemp extract.

Premium Quality Focus Hempseed Oil

Specific preparations are design to boost memory and focus.

Total Spectrum Hempseed Oil vs. Focus Hempseed Oil

You’ll find two main types when researching Hempseed oil: full spectrum Hempseed oil and focus Hempseed oil.

Hempseed oil with a full spectrum of cannabinoids is extracted from the whole plant. It comprises THC, terpenes, and cannabinoids in minute quantities. So, this combination offers a wide variety of possible advantages, all of which may aid in promoting health and well-being on a large scale.

In contrast, the hempseed oil sold under the brand name “Focus” has been carefully concocted to achieve a specific goal. But it also includes herbs, vitamins, and other natural elements besides hemp’s inherent components. Focus Hempseed oil is developed to improve cognitive performance, alertness, and mental clarity by fostering attention and concentration. So, our focus hempseed oil is here to help with everything from increasing productivity to completing chores that require undivided concentration.

Finishing Wood

Beyond consumption, hempseed oil also finds use in handicrafts. So, use it to provide a long-lasting finish on wood impervious to water and ultraviolet light. Hempseed oil adds a natural sheen to your woodworking products and provides further protection, so it’s a win-win.

Here at iFeelz, we want you to feel the accord and balance that Hempseed oil provides. So, explore, enjoy, and raise your well-being with our great items made for you.


This oil, extracted from hemp plant seeds, is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil with a nutty flavor, containing vitamins, minerals, and cannabidiol (CBD).

While this oil contains CBD, they are not the same. iFeelz offers both Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Premium Quality Focus Hempseed Oil with distinct compositions and intended uses.

No, hempseed oil, even with CBD, contains minimal THC, ensuring it does not induce high or psychoactive effects.

Hempseed Oil can be used in cooking or raw as a dressing. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Focus Hemp Oil offer versatile consumption options.

This category currently focuses on human products, and we recommend consulting with a veterinarian and our ‘CBD oil for pets’ category for pet-specific options.

Store hempseed oil in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight for optimal freshness. Refrigeration is recommended after opening.

IFeelz Hempseed Oil is halal, providing a natural and versatile option for various dietary preferences.

Hempseed Oil comprises vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and CBD. Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains additional compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes for holistic benefits.