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Hemp Shake

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Premium Cherry Wine CBD Flower Hemp Pollen

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Hemp Shake

iFeelz is happy to present CBD Flower Shake. This new product line fully uses the amazing properties of hemp pollen. Each Flower Shake product is handpicked to complement your hemp experience uniquely and all-naturally. By opting for IFeelz products, you’ll be using hemp pollen’s full, hitherto unrealized potential to pursue optimal health.

The Essence of Flower Shake

Hemp pollen is a key component of the hemp plant’s reproductive cycle, and this ingredient gives our Flower Shake its particular power. We have a very specific procedure that we follow while making Flower Shake:

Pollen Thawing

Before pollen can be sent, it must be thawed at room temperature for 24 hours. This vital process guarantees that the pollen is in its healthiest possible form, giving you access to its full power.

Overnight Shipping

Pollen is transported overnight after being thawed to retain its potency and freshness. The sooner it gets you, the sooner it can start having an impact.

Seven-Day Shelf Life

The pollen has a short shelf life of about 7 days after delivery. It is important to get the advantages of pollen as soon as possible since its viability decreases after being frozen and thawed.

Ideal Environment

Pollen is most effective when applied in less than 40% relative humidity.

Our Premium Selection

The Cherry Wine CBD Hemp Pollen, exemplifies the extraordinary qualities of hemp pollen in their purest form. This cherry-flavored strain is an excellent option for those curious about the holistic effects of hemp pollen.

Why IFeelz Flower Shake Excels

We at IFeelz aim to provide you with items that satisfy and go above and beyond your needs. We think our Flower Shake is special for a few reasons:

Raw Potential of Hemp Pollen

You can get hemp pollen’s full, unrealized potential in our Flower Shake products. We keep the pollen in optimal condition so that you may benefit fully from this rare hemp plant part.

Meticulous Process

From freezing to packaging and delivery, we take every precaution to keep the pollen as fresh and potent as possible. What sets IFeelz distinct is its commitment to excellence.

Seven-Day Shelf Life

We place a premium on strength and freshness. Please utilize our pollen within 7 days after its delivery for optimal results. Refreezing and thawing pollen may reduce its vitality.

Ideal Environmental Conditions

Hemp pollen is most effective when the relative humidity is lower than 40%. That way, you may get all of its advantages without any interruptions.

IFeelz: Your Trusted Partner in Wellness

We at IFeelz are more than simply a company; we want to be your go-to resource for health and happiness. Our dedication drives everything we do to ensure the highest quality, originality, and satisfaction standards. Another example of our commitment to offering you one-of-a-kind, all-natural items that meet your varying requirements is our Flower Shake selection.


It is a loose-leaf CBD flower, often smaller or broken pieces.

It’s less uniform, with small pieces, but has the same CBD content.

Smoke, vape, make edibles, or infuse into oils like regular CBD flower.

It’s equally effective; smaller pieces don’t impact CBD’s quality.

Yes, you can smoke it just like a regular CBD flower.

Store it in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness.

In most places, it’s legal but check your local laws.

No, it won’t make you high; CBD is non-intoxicating.

It’s safe, but quality and source matter; buy from reputable vendors.