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Our Top 5 CBD Focus Strains in 2024

Posted By proxi

Life has never been busier, especially since the dormant life of COVID era. Our minds and bodies have reached a point where constant exhaustion and pointless stress are the only things left in the name of companionship! We feel it, too, and therefore, we have decided to put all of us out of our misery with these super-productive CBD focus strains. If you have also had enough of non-stop exhaustion and procrastination, try one of these. You will feel like you are on top of this world!

Aroma Funk Strain

Number 1 on our list is the fantastic aroma funk strain. As superb as this flower is, you don’t find it easily in stores, which makes it an absolute gem. It is an ideal choice for focus and productivity. Firstly, as the name goes, its scent is what adds to our focus. This CBD focus strain comes with a great blend of different aromas that include earthy, gassy, sweet, fruity, and sour profiles. When you inhale it, you feel like you are in the middle of a garden, and that connection with nature is what boosts your concentration. Now, let’s talk about its visual appeal. The trichomes of our flower are nothing short of perfection. The vibrant crystal coating is like the cherry on the cake! The first look makes it clear that this flower is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, and you are in for a unique experience. Oh, and how can we forget the entourage effect? Being a CBD enthusiast, this is one of the most important factors anybody investigates, and this flower doesn’t disappoint. Lastly, the smoke of this CBD focus strain is as smooth as silk. It doesn’t irritate the user at any point, and the relaxation it provides is simply bliss!

CBD aroma-funk-flower

Colorado Kush Strain

Moving on to the Colorado Kush Strain, our second favorite CBD focus strain. We believe that nothing is better than this flower to concentrate intensely. It brings forth a wave of euphoria that not only elevates your spirit but sets you on a blissful, productive, and creative journey. The euphoria it creates is the only push you need for mental clarity and improved concentration. When you talk about euphoria, it is impossible to avoid talking about the nature of the flower. The Colorado Kush Strain is Indica-dominant, which majorly contributes to relaxation and alertness. We will talk about how this happens in another blog. Still, it is safe to say here that this balance of indica nature allows you to enter a state of supreme tranquility. You are not bothered about anything else, and the task you want to work on takes center stage. Its spicy herbal notes also contribute to focusing effects. But if you have tried this strain many times, you may have noticed that it is not just a spicy herbal feel. The rich, earthy undertones and a little touch of sweetness add to the overall effect of this CBD focus strain. It is a blend that allows you to make every moment count. Amazing, right? But it’s still not the best part about it! The way this flower has minimal side effects is what makes us fall in love with it, and we know that if you give it a try, you will never turn away!


Pre-98 Bubba Kush Strain

Unlike the previous two strains, this CBD focus strain takes you on the focus journey in a slightly different way. With this strain, you are taken back to the era when pop culture and the Spice Girls were on top! Confused? Well, imagine yourself coming home from a hectic day; what would you want to do? Some people like to turn off and relax; it helps them focus. However, the other type wants to be energized to get that laser focus! This strain is for the other type. It offers a consistent, heavy-body sensation that surrounds you and provides a distraction from the world for you to be as clear-headed as possible. This heaviness is what separates it from the rest of the CBD focus strains. It’s a divine balance of tranquility and productivity that we all need in life. Another fan-favorite feature of this strain is its blend of pungent, musky, and coffee-like scents. I mean, who doesn’t love coffee? It has a smell that stays in your memory forever and makes you want more. So, no more couch-locks, no more lethargy. This strain hits home, keeping you socially active, pleasant, and ready to take on anything that comes your way. And that too, without compromising the feeling of contentment and calm.

Pre 98 Bubba Kush Strain

Sunset Sherbet Strain

Another fan-favorite and number four on our list is Sunset Sherbet Strain which is a magical CBD focus strain. Remember how we talked about two types of people after a hectic day? Well, this strain is for the first type of people who want to be focused without the extra dose of high energy! We love our customers and hence strive to have every solution available! So, this is our answer to your need for focus and relaxation. People usually get surprised because they are told that finding this combination (focus and relaxation) is like looking for the gold pot at the end of a rainbow. But when we advise you that this CBD focus strain is the perfect fit, we mean it. Our happy customers who have used this strain say that it is like you are in the middle of a gentle buzz, and suddenly, everything clicks. You feel so sharp and clear that everything makes sense, and distractions are like ice cream but on a hot summer day. So, if you are a fan of smooth jazz, this is the thing you need to plug into. Its sense of calm is what drives the upcoming focus, and you feel ready without hitting the extra energy levels.


THCP London Pound Cake Strain

AH! Who needs inspiration when you have the THCP London Pound Cake strain? The enticing effects of this CBD focus strain are like discovering a treasure trove of ideas. With this, you are headfirst into your creative pursuits, refocused and ready to go, with each brushstroke or wordfall emanating naturally from your subconscious. Everything in the cosmos is moving in your favor so that you can complete whatever you are doing. So, THCP London Pound Cake is your passport to a world of limitless inventions, whether you’re an experienced artist or just someone looking for a spark.


So, What are You Waiting For!

Drop everything, including your lack of focus, and get your dose of much-needed focus with these CBD focus strains. Whether you want peace and focus or are a high-energy-focused person, we have got something for everyone! It’s a match that will take you to the next level of productivity.

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